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Our Benefits include

High Satisfaction

Konduko achieves highest engagement compared to any other event technology: 
99% repeat exhibitors prepared to pay 
83% attendees want to use Konduko again 
72% exhibitor NPS score


High attendee and exhibitor engagement creates new organiser revenues: 
Virtual exhibitor lead capture
Sponsor opportunities

Safe & Kontactless

Konduko ensures that your event staff, exhibitor staff & attendees remain safe 
Virtual exhibitor directory 100% kontacless interaction 
Safe exhibitor booths

Real-time data

Uniquely Konduko captures and utilises real-time data at both virtual & physical events 
Business intelligence dashboards 
Single-reporting dashboard 
machine-learning recommendations for attendees

More Leads for exhibitors

Undoubtedly the most effective lead-capture solution on the market 
2x leads for exhibitors 
Seamless lead-capture across virtual and physical events 
Single reporting dashboard  

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